Sican Al'Tehrin

An awkward street vendor who sells remedies and elixirs to those who are willing to trust his masked figure!


A rather small hunched man, who is never seen without his mask, gloves or robes. Nor is he ever seen during any time the sun is not in the sky. His accent is strange and foreign even for his company in the moon quarter. His heavy robes are old and tattered but lovingly stitched back to a state of health with thick black fibers. One would wonder how he could work with such an intricate science and live so long with the thick leather gloves he wears. on a quick glance any one would notice as well, that one glove is significantly thicker than the other, but is cut off at the wrist, unlike it’s twin which runs up his forearm. His feet, if not hidden by the rags of his robe, are wearing light stockings with nothing but sandals to shield his soles from the soil and roads. His face is hidden at all times by a long leather mask, and the rest of his head is draped in a light cloth hood that is in the same condition, if not worse, than his robes. The leather mask almost looks like a beak of a carrion bird, with two mesh disks for his eyes giving him a lifeless almost autonomous look about him. If he is not talking, he makes strange gestures, twitching and scratching at his figure. He is almost always found hunched over his portable lab which he lays out on a basket on street corners during the day, and even when he appears to be standing straight his body is still curved and awkward.


Sican Al'Tehrin

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