From whence goes Iderath

The dead stir... and this one has more subjects for research.

Sican AlTehrin

Quite an interesting find, this one thinks. The temple of the warm hearted one is not exactly what this one had expected. This one was hoping for high walls that tempt the feet of the gods. This hole in the ground is very not interesting… at first sight. one of this ones caravan members pointed out to Sican that the box that held the rocks in place was made of mirror wood. This one has never seen mirror wood, only heard of it! Without the warm hearted seeing, Sican took a shred of it and hid it in this ones robes. An interest of the tall walking caravan members. They show signs of lesser agility when on a slope. Sican saw no issues with it, but Abby William, The Warm Hearted one, and the shadow walker all stumbled with the entry. Siwmea however showed great poise… regardless of her impairments from the redcap. Perhaps the oil of the mirror wood could help form a concoction that will help Siwmea to get the streak of hair back to the onyx luster of past.

Upon entering the actual temple, we were assailed by very little more than the usual darkness. this ones caravan must concern itself more with being a caravan. Siwmea and the shadow walker have their own motifs, and Abby William and the warm hearted one have theirs. The warm hearted one must step up and assume command as the others of warm heart expect ours to do. The dark of this place makes Sican miss his laboratory. This Caravan wandered for hours it felt like in the dark. Abby William opened a door that sparked the interest of Sican. This one feels rather bad, The warm hearted one was giving his orders, however there was much that could have been in the doors mysteries! This one opened the door on the other side of the room, and Sican was most pleased with what this one found! Four old kings sat, eternally in front of a court that would never listen. The dead stirred when the warmhearted one stepped into the room. The warm hearted ones sword is sharp, and the dead were returned to their slumber.

This ones caravan split once again, Siwmae and the shadow walker, and The warm hearted and Abby william. They went the same ways down different corridors. This one simply sat upon the table with Sicans new research subject. This one was able to perform a full autopsy and remove a hand for further research before sicans caravan returned. both parties found doors in their halls. Sican is interested, but has other interests. The dead stirred, and sican will find out why! The hall continued for several trails, and Siwmea and the shadow walker figured out their locks. this one was most pleased to find a room full of bones. The bones of men are simple pleasure this one has grown to enjoy! Sican hardly noticed when this ones caravan let the door shut behind Sican. However when the warm hearted one opened the door again, This one was surprised at his lack of control. The warm hearted one pulled a lock and released water into the room. This one Despises water, more than Sican despises the cats that mock him from the roof. This one is interested even more now… The dead stirred under the water, with no skin, or muscle. Sicans mother always told This one “Hayate zevleri size sonuun’a olaak nalldir” The Pleasures in life will be the end of Sican, however this one never thought it would be bones!


MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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