From whence goes Iderath

Straight into legends!

Conrad Finnegan

This is it! I never thought I would actually get my big break! one of my suppliers caught word from one of the hammers while he was praying that a group of adventurers were returning to some tomb they found. I never thought I would get payed for doing my hobby, but hell, I’m not complaining! However I was having trouble figuring out how to get in on this juicy deal! Until I found out that the trip was led by a “good” friend of mine! The people of this city view all of the noble families as friends, which means to them, Cole Bartholomew and I are supposed to be good friends! No, not I… maybe my brother Patros, who has been a hammer for all of a month. I doubt they know each other, but knowing that I’m getting into business with a church sets me off a bit, the gods rarely listen to people anyway, whether people like it or not. Anyway the point is I’ve gotten into a juicy deal and I’m not going to complain about it anymore! I must thank my father for pulling strings and getting Bartholomew and I introduced, because now I have a group, so I won’t be risking my life alone! (even if I have to split the spoils.)

So we set off, and I had hoped for merriment, and joy exploring, but not only did we have a priest on our journey telling the poor hammer that they are only to follow Bart until their death… a little obvious, but this guy was a total jerk, like, a full on Jerk. To the point where he couldn’t have been human, but a pure blood jerk off! Again, I digress… As well as the priest of ignorance (which I will explain later). They were in mourning or something, a party member who left, or died, I’m not sure, and I’m not looking for a downer, so I’m not going to ask! The journey to the tomb was boring, I was not impressed, the most exciting point was crossing the river! when we got to the tomb, The snarky woman with a flash of white hair told the priest of ignorance basically to stuff it! She seems like my kind of company, despite what the rest of my family thinks!

Traversing the Tomb was definitely interesting, but not much of a challenge. A couple of secret doors, and a couple of traps, but nothing I haven’t either seen in other places, or read about. I must say though when I placed my hand on a stone in a quazy tomb which had a quite tasty selection of treasures! Including a book of some “forbidden gods” The ignorant priest took it to be destroyed, because their worship is forbidden, and even Bart agreed! I will get my hands on that book… The research must be done, because obviously we don’t know enough about them, or their ways! Either way, I found our way through, which led to the final conflict of our run! The deathlord had the circlet that they were searching for on its head! we were making quick work of the minions, but they continued to stand back up! I figured I could solve the problem, assuming of course, that the circlet was what was bringing them back from the dead, and with my usual guile and agility, I climbed up on it’s vantage point, and ripped the circlet from it’s head! however that didn’t stop it… we had to completely obliterate the bodies of the minions, while the deathlord simply died. Well, that’s it… I’m assuming now that we have it, I can get the book, seeing as I have the circlet. But we must journey back to the city before that happens, and then we can get to somewhere more exciting once again!


MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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