From whence goes Iderath

Smartest. Move. Ever.


Down into a crypt. Probably the smartest move I have made yet… even counting the one that has me exiled from friends, family and home. I mean seriously. One stone box barrow among several, broken in with a hole leading down through the stones, past a skeletal hand grasping a sword even… what could possibly be smarter? I had thought in, get this circlet the Hammer is looking for and saunter on out. But no. This place has secrets. Mummies that stand up and fight. Hidden doors with hidden catches. Traps. Deadly traps. Now I’m not sure we are going to make it out of here alive unless we turn around and walk out now. But,I am intrigued. It tasks me.

The room we clambered down into seemed to be some sort of dining or feasting hall with a long table set for many and a second table cross wise at the head of the room set for few. Short hallways, three on each of the long sides lead to nowhere… or, more accurately, two on each side lead nowhere. The middle ones contain secret doors. In the back wall is a door, catch closed but not locked. Beyond it is a small closet with a door opposite, leading to an odd chamber with four benches in a arc facing a larger, more ornate chair. This is where the mummies are, sitting patiently, waiting. Two are just mummified corpses while the other two are guardians and rise to meet the intruders. Us. Being in the rear I didn’t take part. I’m glad I didn’t have to. No room to maneuver and too many trying to get a piece of the pie as it were. No. While they easily dealt with the dusty defenders I wandered back into the main hall and began looking at the alcoves… they just didn’t seem right, just odd, you know? I found one of the hidden doors and the scout found the other. The Hammer picked one and we headed down it. To our doom. Well, almost our doom. I should have been our doom. But since it wasn’t I think I will be much more careful in the future.

We found ourselves in a room with no exits. The floor was pierced with small holes around and about in no real pattern and covered with hundreds of bones. In the center was a handle. I tried to lever the handle up, but it would not budge. Now, I want to make it absolutely clear that I did not, in fact get the handle up, nor, when the water starting filling the chamber through the holes in the floor twist and twist and twist it until it came out. That was solely the Hammer’s doing. As the water started to rise the bones starting moving… and I don’t mean floating with the currents. I mean moving towards each other. It didn’t take long before there was an entire skeleton, agitated and aggressive. The big boys joined the fray as other skeletons formed and advanced. I decided I wanted out more than I wanted a good fight, besides, they had no meat on their bones. Where is a girl supposed to stick a knife I ask you? Try as I might I could see no way to stop the rise of the water, nor open the door we had come through… you see… a metal door dropped down blocking our way out, but oddly, the same clanging bang sounded behind each of the three other walls. Deciding there was nothing for it but to stay afloat and keep light on the battle for my companions as the battled the skeletons I backed myself into a corner and hoped that a clue to reversing the water level and opening the door would present itself. It didn’t. now, I have to make this absolutely clear as well, that I did not, in fact have anything to do with foiling the trap. The boys did that. It would seem that the key was either a particular skeleton or a particular number because after so many skeletons went down the water started to drain, and after a while all the water was gone. I will, at this time take credit for finding the other doors, as I surmised that the four distinct bangs meant that there must be doors on all four walls… and so there was. One had a table with some jars and a skull, one had an obsidian bowl that seemed to offend the Hammer by just being for he has begun to beat it senseless with his Hammer.

I’m waiting, watching, as far out of the way as I can get without actually leaving the room. I’m wet, but my supplies are sealed well and nothing is ruined. It most certainly pays to shell out the coin for one’s travel equipment. I think, if the Hammer has lost it I’m going to have to be the one to deal with him. Farm boy will be devastated,but certainly won’t be hard to handle. Hibi won’t and I think Se’can will be interested in this puzzle of a place as much as I, with or without temple payment. We’ll see. If beating a stone bowl into submission is the first sign of a touched brain I am prepared.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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