From whence goes Iderath

fathers funding

Konrad Finnegan

Theres a science behind it all, you know? behind dungeoneering. You can’t just go down and press a button, then get given a metaphorical cookie! I’d love to be exercising my skills rather than sitting on a boat to some stuffy old town. I’ve been there once, on my way to the college. But I never met this crazy old bat of a drunk! We set port after a week on the damned ship, and quickly found the man that Cole was sent out to see. Seeing as his church of ignorance sent him to find him, I was expecting another priest, or maybe even a nobleman, but we ended up with some soaked rat who spouted non-sense. after all, he said I was rich, but had a hole in my pocket! The nerve of this guy! I mean, this whole outfit was tailor made, to my fittings, and re-enforced for use in dungeons! Holes in my pockets are just not conceivable.

On the whole bright side, I’ve had a week or two to read my new book. I suppose that the big bad of the church of ignorance is not so much as others, julian, for example! Could you imagine the look on his face? If he knew I had this book, and had every intention of doing my own writings on it, then getting it mass published and earn me some extra coin. The spread of knowledge is key. That’s why I started searching through these places. All I want is for people to realize that there is much more in this world, much more that ANYONE can find and make money off of. But the issue with that is, if I also want to achieve Legend status I can’t have people finding my relics first. This leads to our next predicament.

I’ll have to do what I do best. I’ll just take everything good, and everything magical, so that when people come to find my tomb, they’ll find all of my treasures and then die with them so that people can find theirs! but back to the plan! I’ll put fabrications of traps and magnificent monsters, so that people will read and be slightly discouraged, but then when I have my riches, I will start putting the truth back into it! I am such a genius! I should get back to my studies of Shimarn… Good times!


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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