From whence goes Iderath

A Day to Remember

Domini Kole Bartholomew, Aspirant of the All Father

Speech given during our visit at the bar. (Not the greatest but I am no speech writer.)
“My Ascension into paladin-hood has finally after many years of hard work and undying faith to the All Father come to pass. This is not, however the end of my adventure, for today begins a journey. For while I preformed my vigil, I received a vision, a vision that I myself do not understand… My quest is to journey to Stockbeck to see Livan in the Winterhare Inn. Livan should be able to tell me what it meant. I ask that you accompany me to Stockbeck for this may lead to an adventure that we all may profit from. Do not fret friends, The Temple of Blood shall not be directly involved, so you do not need to worry about whether or not an item is holy or not.”


MasterGameMaster sacredfire80

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