The Emirat Houses the powerful Nobles of Iderath. The families are:

Aleshite (Per Cross Argent and Vert, in Canton an owl soaring proper beaked and legged argent, in base a crane, wings elevated and addorsed, counterchanged)

Hartram (Per bend purpure and sable, a cross counterchanged a Pheonix regaurdant displayed, wings inverted, argent)

Kenzie (per bend sinister embattled gules and purpure, 2 Cinquefoil argent, a mountain, per bend vert and or and a garb, or)

Levi (Gules, on a bend or 3 Harpy displayed and inverted of the first)

Nan (Per fess azure and ermine 2 melusine per chevron argent and potent)

Ora ( Bendy Sisnister Azure and or, a bend argent debruised by 4 bedndlets couped sable)

Stark (Per pall raguly sable or and argent, semi-de-lis erminois)

Tia (Per pall inverted embattled or, vert and vair, 2 badgers argent above a lynx and leopard counterchanged)


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