These are the lesser nobles of the city of Iderath, known as the Councillors. The families are:

Dentsel (Potent Counter Potent, a pall and chevronell vair)

Derren (Per Cross Purpure and Vert a tower Purpure in the 2nd and 3rd)

Ebbee (Per bend nebuly murrey and or a pale counterchanged 2 foxes or in canton palewise)

Hanne (Per Pale argent and sable, a pall counterchanged, a millet of the first sinister chief)

Jordyn (_Gyronny of 16 Vert and Or, a chevronnell purpure a cross rebated ermine in base _)

Kole (Gyronny of 6 vert and argent, a chevron sable)

Konrad (Per Cross Argent and Or cinquefoil counterchanged)

Lashay (Barry engrailed or and purpure, 2 pallet vert)

Marquise (Pally Gules and Argent, a cross purpure)

Pruce (Gules, 4 dolphin Urinant purpure in fess)

Ruthee (Gyronny of 8 Or and Azure)

Tehada (Per Fess Gules and sable rayonnet sun counterchanged debruised by a bend argent)


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