From whence goes Iderath

Domini Kole Bartholomew, Aspirant of the All Father.

We ventured forth into the unknown in search for the circlet. How odd, I thought, that a tomb was built rather than simply cremating the remains, and as we continued on I found out why, this is no tomb for a follower of the All Father. For this tomb was built for a follower of the Forbidden Father. Symbols of his blasphemy were all over certain objects within, and to top it off, the dead walked. Skeletons, simply stood and attacked as if they were as alive as myself or my companions. I have found a new objective on my quest, to destroy this place in His name.

The dead stir... and this one has more subjects for research.
Sican AlTehrin

Quite an interesting find, this one thinks. The temple of the warm hearted one is not exactly what this one had expected. This one was hoping for high walls that tempt the feet of the gods. This hole in the ground is very not interesting… at first sight. one of this ones caravan members pointed out to Sican that the box that held the rocks in place was made of mirror wood. This one has never seen mirror wood, only heard of it! Without the warm hearted seeing, Sican took a shred of it and hid it in this ones robes. An interest of the tall walking caravan members. They show signs of lesser agility when on a slope. Sican saw no issues with it, but Abby William, The Warm Hearted one, and the shadow walker all stumbled with the entry. Siwmea however showed great poise… regardless of her impairments from the redcap. Perhaps the oil of the mirror wood could help form a concoction that will help Siwmea to get the streak of hair back to the onyx luster of past.

Upon entering the actual temple, we were assailed by very little more than the usual darkness. this ones caravan must concern itself more with being a caravan. Siwmea and the shadow walker have their own motifs, and Abby William and the warm hearted one have theirs. The warm hearted one must step up and assume command as the others of warm heart expect ours to do. The dark of this place makes Sican miss his laboratory. This Caravan wandered for hours it felt like in the dark. Abby William opened a door that sparked the interest of Sican. This one feels rather bad, The warm hearted one was giving his orders, however there was much that could have been in the doors mysteries! This one opened the door on the other side of the room, and Sican was most pleased with what this one found! Four old kings sat, eternally in front of a court that would never listen. The dead stirred when the warmhearted one stepped into the room. The warm hearted ones sword is sharp, and the dead were returned to their slumber.

This ones caravan split once again, Siwmae and the shadow walker, and The warm hearted and Abby william. They went the same ways down different corridors. This one simply sat upon the table with Sicans new research subject. This one was able to perform a full autopsy and remove a hand for further research before sicans caravan returned. both parties found doors in their halls. Sican is interested, but has other interests. The dead stirred, and sican will find out why! The hall continued for several trails, and Siwmea and the shadow walker figured out their locks. this one was most pleased to find a room full of bones. The bones of men are simple pleasure this one has grown to enjoy! Sican hardly noticed when this ones caravan let the door shut behind Sican. However when the warm hearted one opened the door again, This one was surprised at his lack of control. The warm hearted one pulled a lock and released water into the room. This one Despises water, more than Sican despises the cats that mock him from the roof. This one is interested even more now… The dead stirred under the water, with no skin, or muscle. Sicans mother always told This one “Hayate zevleri size sonuun’a olaak nalldir” The Pleasures in life will be the end of Sican, however this one never thought it would be bones!

Smartest. Move. Ever.

Down into a crypt. Probably the smartest move I have made yet… even counting the one that has me exiled from friends, family and home. I mean seriously. One stone box barrow among several, broken in with a hole leading down through the stones, past a skeletal hand grasping a sword even… what could possibly be smarter? I had thought in, get this circlet the Hammer is looking for and saunter on out. But no. This place has secrets. Mummies that stand up and fight. Hidden doors with hidden catches. Traps. Deadly traps. Now I’m not sure we are going to make it out of here alive unless we turn around and walk out now. But,I am intrigued. It tasks me.

The room we clambered down into seemed to be some sort of dining or feasting hall with a long table set for many and a second table cross wise at the head of the room set for few. Short hallways, three on each of the long sides lead to nowhere… or, more accurately, two on each side lead nowhere. The middle ones contain secret doors. In the back wall is a door, catch closed but not locked. Beyond it is a small closet with a door opposite, leading to an odd chamber with four benches in a arc facing a larger, more ornate chair. This is where the mummies are, sitting patiently, waiting. Two are just mummified corpses while the other two are guardians and rise to meet the intruders. Us. Being in the rear I didn’t take part. I’m glad I didn’t have to. No room to maneuver and too many trying to get a piece of the pie as it were. No. While they easily dealt with the dusty defenders I wandered back into the main hall and began looking at the alcoves… they just didn’t seem right, just odd, you know? I found one of the hidden doors and the scout found the other. The Hammer picked one and we headed down it. To our doom. Well, almost our doom. I should have been our doom. But since it wasn’t I think I will be much more careful in the future.

We found ourselves in a room with no exits. The floor was pierced with small holes around and about in no real pattern and covered with hundreds of bones. In the center was a handle. I tried to lever the handle up, but it would not budge. Now, I want to make it absolutely clear that I did not, in fact get the handle up, nor, when the water starting filling the chamber through the holes in the floor twist and twist and twist it until it came out. That was solely the Hammer’s doing. As the water started to rise the bones starting moving… and I don’t mean floating with the currents. I mean moving towards each other. It didn’t take long before there was an entire skeleton, agitated and aggressive. The big boys joined the fray as other skeletons formed and advanced. I decided I wanted out more than I wanted a good fight, besides, they had no meat on their bones. Where is a girl supposed to stick a knife I ask you? Try as I might I could see no way to stop the rise of the water, nor open the door we had come through… you see… a metal door dropped down blocking our way out, but oddly, the same clanging bang sounded behind each of the three other walls. Deciding there was nothing for it but to stay afloat and keep light on the battle for my companions as the battled the skeletons I backed myself into a corner and hoped that a clue to reversing the water level and opening the door would present itself. It didn’t. now, I have to make this absolutely clear as well, that I did not, in fact have anything to do with foiling the trap. The boys did that. It would seem that the key was either a particular skeleton or a particular number because after so many skeletons went down the water started to drain, and after a while all the water was gone. I will, at this time take credit for finding the other doors, as I surmised that the four distinct bangs meant that there must be doors on all four walls… and so there was. One had a table with some jars and a skull, one had an obsidian bowl that seemed to offend the Hammer by just being for he has begun to beat it senseless with his Hammer.

I’m waiting, watching, as far out of the way as I can get without actually leaving the room. I’m wet, but my supplies are sealed well and nothing is ruined. It most certainly pays to shell out the coin for one’s travel equipment. I think, if the Hammer has lost it I’m going to have to be the one to deal with him. Farm boy will be devastated,but certainly won’t be hard to handle. Hibi won’t and I think Se’can will be interested in this puzzle of a place as much as I, with or without temple payment. We’ll see. If beating a stone bowl into submission is the first sign of a touched brain I am prepared.

Beneath the Stone
** GM Update **

Our explorers dig through the irregular white stones, finding planks of Mirror wood beneath, with several of them broken. They crawl beneath finding a passage downward that leads into, unusual for a interment for a follower of the All Father, a large tomb. What follows is a short battle, a series of traps and secret doors…and perhaps a watery death, followed by a great surprise…

Signs that this tomb has been used by the Forbidden gods…

A most interesting prospect, this one thinks...

This one is beginning to believe he may be safer with the treacherous night walkers than he is traveling with his caravan into the wilds. Too much this one thinks, too much. First however, I must catalog my findings… A most interesting prospect this one thinks, a man-one and his horse, robbed of life on the side of the road. This one was worried at first of course, this would lead to danger, however, quite the opposite. A discovery for research this one found. Or, the shadow-hidden one found, however Sican found something of most interest. It was not this ones first choice, however certain things must be done in the name of the sciences. This one had to pry out the eye of the poor man-one. An interesting prospect indeed. The Man-one’s eye was white, even the pupil. The warm hearted one showed Sican something he did not notice however. White ran from the man-ones nose, like the milk of a mother. How interesting this one thought, but the others lacked the apparatus to avoid such ailments, so this one mentioned nothing… perhaps it could benefit Sican and his caravan if one of them did catch such a plague. Then This one could research it more closely, and if the shadow-hidden one were to catch it, Sican would catch two cats with one cage! But until then, there is still more for this one to report.

Travel is not this one’s calling, it has been a large pain in Sicans feet. Sican’s people use the same sandals in the sands of his home, but the ground here is much harder, and this is most likely the cause of This one’s problems. Soon after… or was it before? Sican’s mind is perhaps effected by the chemicals he uses. Maybe he should bring cats to test on the road, This one preliminary process would work with less side effects that way. Sicans mind is wandering. Somewhere along the river, this one and his caravan happened across a large tower that Siwmea and the shadow-hidden one said ghosts were fighting in. Creatures who cannot be struck by steel or flesh makes Sicans teeth itch, and makes his want to gnaw himself free of whatever was binding him to that situation. Even the Iron flesh of the warm hearted one, and the sheer tenacity of abbi William would not stop the icy claws of such a creature. When that day comes, Sican will go, and be gone to his home in the moon quarter. However, they were across the water, and this put This ones heart to calm itself. Further down the waters, near where this one became wet, there was another Keep-nest. A blue that made Sican stare shone from the walls… This one was not surprised to find that this was the blue keep that the warm hearted spoke of. This is where travel came from bad to worse. This one had to follow Abbi William through the river. The bickering of the caravan on crossing water was worse to this ones ears, than the swim was to Sicans muscles. First things came first, and two items of great importance had to be checked: Sican’s alchemy tools, and his thrope…These two are most important to keep Sicans sanity.

The final night before the warm hearted ones destination was a very… interesting event. It began with young abbi William squawking an alarm. This one worried, it would be a shame to see such a young one cut down before he saw three full seasons. Sican Saw them too, however. Doing this ones patrol to ensure his safety of the night walkers, they came. At least five Sican saw coming, and this one knew there would be more. Abbi William, Siwmea, and the shadow hidden one fought strong, while the warm hearted one focused the will of his faith into more streams of fire. Highly impressive the first time Sican saw it. As it would be, Fire never caught this ones fancy. The focused energies of the sky’s very rage is far more compelling to Sican. The Power of the sky’s anger this one has harnessed, found the essence of it’s tears and focused it into an elixir that only this one knows the recipe. The powers this one has captured have aided Sican in the past and continue to do so. The Most interesting prospect, perhaps. Something this one has only heard stories of, however, this continues to prove Sican’s theory of the legendary night-walkers. Two more of the creatures appeared, using their caravans warriors as a walking shield. The Magic-caster, stood slightly more than a hand taller than the others, however the Red cap was, as rumored, taller than Sican, even if he were to stand at his full height. This one knew his strengths, and ignored the lumbering red capped one. Sican let the shadows hide himself as This one took his turn at being the one with no secrets. This one raised his mask to bite the Magic-Caster, and Sican tasted blood, but the magic-one seemed not bothered. Luckily, Sican managed to get this ones mask back over his snout before anyone saw. Sican is not so good as this one once thought with the spear. However, sican is still alive to document these travels, so this one may not be as rusty as Sican thought! And The Gibbs of the Red-capped one should prove interesting in research.

Poor poor siwmea… The red-capped one shouted, and flailed wildly… more like a cornered animal, than a thinking creature, and scared a flash of Siwmea’s very essence from her body. Siwmeas eye has lost it’s luster and a lock of hair has become a ghost of itself. A young woman, such a beautiful specimen of a man-thing, lost to a fear of death. However this opens a door for research for this one. Now, this ones caravan should trust Sican more… This one used the shots of strength Sican had been saving to escape death, and they were used for almost no effect. Sican is sure that demands repremand, and this ones caravan should be open to trying Sican’s recipe’s more often… However, Sican is unsure he will be getting much mixing done where he is going and this worries this one. An opened grave, past the Village of hills around the vipres tooth. This is where the warm hearted one believes we must go. A place not under the skies, and hidden from the night walkers. The darkness falls once more, and a decision must be made, but Sican is going in, and this one will find what it is, so Sican can “tend” to his cats once more.

And then I saw his light.
Bartholomew, Aspirant of the All Father

We were attacked again in the dead of night, this time not by frog men, but by small humanoids. My companions and I slew them one by one with little effort, and then I saw it, a huge monstrosity of a creature wielding a large ax. I knew he was sent to test me by the all father to see if I was worthy enough for this quest. The first swing came fast and hard cutting into poor Indigo, she bled quite a bit but continued to fight, this is when I made my move, I swung and landed a solid hit, but it seemed unhindered like I didn’t even phase it. For my companions sakes I had to be more effective than that. A few arrows hit the beast and they obviously hurt it, for it stood to its full height and bellowed angrily as it spun around. William my brave young squire jumped on the beast and wounded it gravely, before quickly being thrown off. It swung yet again wounding me with its ax, a gaping chest wound tore at my focus. That was when it happened in my wounded state I looked within my self for strength, at first there was nothing and then a dim gleaming that quickly grew into a blinding ray, I felt my strength return and the pain dulled. I raised my blade and swung with the strength of the All Father himself, slaying the beast. As a sign of completion of my trial I smashed the creatures skull and sent him to drift in the River of Blood. From that point on the Father strength seems to have stayed with me, so that I may better serve him on the path ahead.

diary of a Solidarity soldier pt 2
Hibi Roxninger

after about the 4th days walk we camped near the abandoned fort on the river, large and majestic even with its walls collapsing showing evidence of the final days of the fort before the folk moved south towards iderath. during the evening lights were seen around the ruins and some sounds of fighting with the odd shout, talking with izzy about this we decided that spirits and spectres were playing out the battles of the past.

in the evening we decided to play tricks upon the boy, i tied small stoned to his clothing and Izzy told him it was the pixies and that he was to leave food out for them, he believed us for a while and then he tried staying up at night to see them, unfortunatly he caught me and was less than impressed, but it was good while it lasted, must try harder.

several days later we found the next of our markers for the trail another fort ruin with an uneventful river crossing, the next trail marker however was a little more eventful the vipres fang, a large conical tower, a tribe of goblins had moved in with some bigger friends, one was slightly larger at about 4 feet high and threw majic around as if it were stones. there was another with them as well, this other was 8 feet or more tall and spread fear all around this last creature may have been one of the legendary red caps. the battle only lasted a minute or so with the goblins falling easily to arrows and sword alike, the hobgoblin had a very unlucky strike to the throat from an arrow, i am sure it nearly finished him with the one blow, but the hunchback gave a good account of himself and finished the beast. the red cap however was far more dificult to dispatch, cut after cut and arrow after arrow piled into it with little effect until eventually it was worn down and eventually died.

we found the tombs as were described to us and we found that one of them had been desicrated by grave robbers, a quick investigation found a skeleton inside with a broken sword.

Letter to Yvonne II
Will the Farmboy.

Dear Yvonne.

Another adventure, another fire-side letter. I have seen, and battled, one of the very legends that impelled me to leave the Emirat, a tale we heard many times from the travelling minstrels and bards you employed.

I was on watch, not long before midnight, when a veritable horde of goblins poured into our camp. Luckily my cries woke my companions (I say ‘cries’ literally; I had been hit twice with arrows. Thankfully the reinforced armour you gave me when I left you protected me, but has prompted some sewing for my nightly duties). These child-like creatures were dispatched with relative ease, and I am proud to say I gave rather a better account of myself than I did against the Crispin, but I had no idea that the goblins were a forerunner for a greater, and I had thought mythical, threat…

The beast towered over me, and wore a gore-soaked hat rammed on its head. If creatures like the Redcap truely watch us from the forests, I am glad I have friends like the Domini, Indigo and Sican Al’Tehrin. Even the prankster Roxninger. While I don’t appreciate his sense of humour, I was glad of his presence. It took all of our combined efforts to slay the legend and its ‘keeper’, a goblin of a sort wielding arcane power. But the Keeper was no match for Sican’s own magic and the arrows of Roxninger, and it too was killed soon after it’s pet.

But I think we all suffered some hurt at the hands of our attackers, none more than Indigo, although I was happy to see her wounds were not as bad as I had first thought.

Tonight we rest and heal our lumps and bumps, and tomorrow we carry on with our quest. But once again, if we can defeat such a monster as the Redcap, I don’t see anything giving us much pause on the way…

The All Father watch over you,

Disgusting and Painful

I was right. More trudgingly boring travel. It perked up a bit when we found a dead rider and his horse, and then when we found the Blue Keep and spent the afternoon crossing the river and drying off again. Well. The drying off bit wasn’t the highlight of my life, but…

However. We began to steer towards D’Karg’s Crag, such a very easy landmark to see, only to have a finger of some sort obstruct us… a cone?… a large rock?… the base of which was surrounded by sod huts occupied by small spindly beings… who decided we needed attacking in the middle of the night. Fair enough I suppose, but did they have to bring a RED CAP with them? Seriously? (No, really… this thing was huge. Had swollen joints, a giant axe and this disgusting red knit hat that sprayed blood and gobbets of gore as he forged into combat. He was truly repulsive… and I do not recommend getting hit by his axe. Ouch. Seriously.) What ever possessed me to saunter up to that thing and take a stab at it I don’t know, but I won’t be making that mistake again, I’ll tell you that for nothing. Ugly Boy starting shouting and spinning and my bowels turned liquid, my heart stopped beating, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t look away, couldn’t make my legs move only stand, transfixed with terror. It took all I had to simply get air into my lungs, much less hope to make my limbs move. Lucky for me, while I was standing there transfixed with terror Farmboy and the others took him down. I am ashamed at how much that Red Cap scared me… scare is such a gentle word really, to how utterly, despairingly frightened I was. I believe I will carry the marks from it on my soul for the rest of my life… and now that I have named my fear, let us not speak of it again.

We did manage to eventually come out on top… although I’m not sure how. There were 10 or 11 along with Ugly Boy. I suppose there is a benefit to having a Hammer and his little trainee along. I have to admit I was impressed with Farmboy. He waded in and dealt death and destruction in every encounter he had. He made it easy to slip in and do the finishing work…. until Ugly Boy… and Rattie! Rattie ran right up into the thick of thinks with his crazy lightening bolts! If I hadn’t been busy being too scared to move I would have stepped back and marveled!

So now dawn has come after the night finished off quietly… two on watch, one of them me, dreading the appearance of another butt ugly scary but trying to be normal, aloof, mysterious me. The bodies of the goblins were rolled and stacked away from our little camp. The Hammer and Farmboy are doing their devotions, griddle cakes are on the stone, and I am hoping we will be making a large circle around that rock once we move forward again today. I think perhaps I will not be complaining about the dullards of travel… that is, if I can actually think of anything past the bruises on my body and in my soul.

Encounters along the road
** GM Update **

Our travelers continue up river, and camp across the river from the Ruins of River watch. Later they come to a ruined keep, that looks striking blue in the river mist, and decide that this must be the Blue Keep on their map, so they cross the river and travel on. late in the next day, they spy a black cone reaching into the sky, and around its base, sod huts and small humanoids.

Later in the evening, before the mid of night, they are attacked…A huge battle between our 5 travelers and goblins, a Hobgoblin, and a dreaded Redcap! They survive the battle, but there are a few close calls.

Late the following day, they come upon a defiled regolith cairn…


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