From whence goes Iderath

Rubes and Boredom

Yeahgods. Someone rescue me from rubes and boredom. Three days, or maybe four we have traveled towards our goal. Nothing but conversation and one encounter with repulsive frog men… stupid slimey things were no challenge at all and not one interesting tidbit to forage off them. It was easy really, just let the paladin step up and take the brunt while darkness creeps from behind and makes the killing blows. So much effort to please a god that doesn’t even watch.

I will say that Farmboy is entertaining. Just tell him that those frog things we encountered are called Crispin and are vampiric, lay out an entire tale about who they are, where they come from, their eating and mating habits… just do it in a serious, all knowing voice…. doesn’t matter if you know what you are talking about, he just swallows it whole. Gorgeous. It will be interesting how far I can take it… and how long it will go on before someone calls me on my little stories. I wish Draydon were here to wager with… to wrangle with… to hunt with… I wish I hadn’t had to leave in such a hurry, goodbyes could have been fun. Ah well.

So tomorrow I’m certain we will move onwards, trudging once again up the river towards something, somewhere we are supposed to retrieve. Don’t know. Don’t care. Just so long as certain people forget I exist so I can eventually go home.

Ah Siwmea
Sican Al'tehrin
The fates smile wide onto this one. Two full seasons in this one’s moon quarter hiding and never has any interest caught Sican other than his alchemy. One of this one’s Abby has brought sican a quest of most interest. It has been several dark falls since Sican has met his new caravan. Under the light of the fates Poor, lonely Sican has been placed with two who show kindness to him. A young one, a boy who doesn’t scoff at This one’s beliefs, his stories, or his art. In fact, the young abby, William, show’s interest, ambition, and is eager to help Sican in his “frail” state. The young William would even make a good apprentice, but he appears to be held in word by that one with warm heart. The metal clad one, He stands with warm heart, and strong arm, but Sican will speak up and advise him, he too is young, and he will learn the power of age, and the company of ones caravan. The other is quiet, Sican will have to watch him. This one watched as he took the life of the small walkers without letting them see him. This one killed them, but he let them see him, and stood ready to let them return blood. Sican Will watch him, and be sure not to upset him. Ah, then This one of This Ones Siwmea has found him. The young indigo has changed as the sands fall. She is just as skilled as the rumors would let in. Sican is a friend of her family and will happily watch Siwmea, and keep her breathing. This one would not want to anger her father. Sican is aware that he is skilled with what he does, but there are others, and if anything happens to Siwmea, This one worries of the wrath of the Divine. The darkness has fallen three times out of the city. This one worried that without the high walls and the alert gaurd they would surely get him in his sleep. This one is curious, In the city, there are cats, short of everywhere! The small ones that walk on all of their paws don’t worry Sican so much. They may be spies for their walking capturers, so Sican takes them. Every concoction needs a test subject, and cat’s seem to react the same as people. There are not so many cats as Sican had thought in the wild. Luckily he needs no testing here. However, there is one thought that gnaws Sican’s ears. Will this ones captured subjects survive in their cages without food? It burns Sicans conscience lightly, but this one cares not. If they do not pulse with life when Sican returns, he will be fed, If they do, then Sican doesn’t have to catch more. Through either event, Sican is smiled upon!
Diary of a "Solidarity" Soldier
Hibi Roxninger

early summer.

approached by a rider with a message from a Hammer! this is most odd, things like this don’t often happen. The Hammer, a man i have seen around the temple, he has chased me off on occasion (but that is another story). he has asked me to find a “sneaky professional” for a task for the church, very odd, since when did the church require people of dubious means???? of course i had a friendly banter with him about this saying how the church required something stealing and was this an admission that my past as a street urchin could now be forgiven!!!

I knew just the person for the job however, an acquaintance i have known for years another street urchin, strange that!! she may well be able to assist with this unknown quest.

The group is a motley crew if ever i saw one, a warrior priest and his “boy”, a hunchback, a “professional” and a down on his luck soldier. what are we wanted to find and what will we find.

we start off the following morning and travel for several days through tame lands following the river, an evening or so out of the tame lands we are attacked by eight or so creatures from the river, strange creatures, almost froglike with a natural armour, fortunatly we had time to set up an ambush with all making a good account for themselves, even the hunchback with his strange plague mask and odd device on his arm which appears to project concoctions through his glove to great effect. i targeted the leader for dispatch with the bow and made good on the promise, he must have been a great warrior within his tribe as it took six arrows to down him, i had to track him to the river where he was finished off with a final blow.

the only person i have reservations about is the hunchback, is he alchemist, black mage or deamon? with is cloak, hunchback, plague mask and strange habits i don’t know what to make of him. the warrior priest trusts him so i must also.

Dear Yvonne
A letter from the riverside. (Will)

Dear Yvonne.

I am missing the fire of the Black Sow, and the meals you used to cook so well, as I sit by a camp fire eating what I can only guess is some sort of boot leather. But I am kept warm tonight by the knowledge that I am starting out on my life of service to the gods.
That knowledge, and the fire.
It probably isn’t the boot leather.

Barely a few weeks in the city and I am squired to a holy knight, and dispatched on a quest of great importance to the the Temple. I have met companions unlike any friends the village could offer me, noble citizens only too pleased to aid the Gods, although one does put on a show about payment. If the Domini chose him, he must have been chosen by the All Father.

And tonight I struck my first blow against the hordes of evil! A band of curious, vampiric frogmen called Crispin attacked us from the river!
I say curious because I was curious about them. I don’t think they were that curious about us. I didn’t get a chance to ask. I’ll have to ask my new friends.
Domini Kole blazed with power, and flame, while the blade of the scholar (I still don’t know her name, and I’m afraid to ask. She scares me a little) saved my life against one of the beasts. I didn’t see Rocky anywhere, but later he dragged in a body peppered with arrows, so it proves to me the deadliness of the Riders; not even the shroud of darkness could stop his arrows punching home!
And what can I tell you about the alchemical power of the little creature Tooreen (I think thats his name, his voice is a little muffled.) No herbs I ever picked for the Black Sow’s kitchen ever exploded! I’m rather ashamed to say that when it comes to the powers of my companions, merely cracking the skull of one of the Crispin with my staff seems a little pathetic. But ‘from small beginings’…as the old saying goes.
If this display of holy power and sword-skill is an indication of the future to come, I don’t think our God-given quest is in any real danger!

Oh, I hope you are well. I will return to the village when I can, hopefully with more stories!
The All Father watch over you,

A journey undertaken
** GM Update **

Bartholomew is taken aside by Commander Steph and given two quests, to prove his worth to the Fathers army and the Faithful. As a new Hammer, he is to assemble a cadre and command them in the quest to seek the Circlet of Captain Shimah. He and his ill begotten (As far as Commander Steph is concerned) cadre are to seek the location of the grave of Shimah, determine it’s status, and if defiled it is to be cleansed as much as possible, and the artifact recovered.


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