Will West


( THE EARLY YEARS )Bearing an almost perpetual wide-eyed look of amazement on his young face, Will is realizing how big the world outside his village is. After his first adventures his body carries a few scars, and he has learned a little wariness.
Seperated now from the Temple of Blood, Will can usually be seen walking the Moon Quarter, seeking small jobs to add to his decreasing coffers. He carries two short swords and a few daggers, his slender form easily adapting to the light weapons, and has traded his reinforced leather armour for a well crafted suit of simple leather.
He still wears a scarf bearing the Levi colours around the bicep of his left arm, a token of loyalty to the Emirat he grew up in.

( LATER )Fortunes had changed for the boy from the farm. Life in the city and on the battlefield has hardened William, and he now has more scars and none of his innocence. He still wears leather armour, but now hung with pouches and supplies for his frequent wilderness trips. His eyes have changed the most however, and sometimes, when he looks at people, they get the feeling he has no view of them as anything other than vermin.


Orphaned at an early age, Will was adopted by the widowed inn-keeper in the village of Sherstead, on Levi lands, and grew up listening to tales of heroism and valour.

Occasionally he remembers his early years training as a Paladin for the All Father. Life took a different track for him in the first days of his squire-hood, and he fell more into working for the Church of Robu. He could not bring himself to seek vows, however, and became more and more a fugitive-hunter for the swords, seeking the bandits who preyed on travelers and those who ran from the justice of the City. He could never really conform to the image of the paladin showed to him by Kole, or to the easy profit of those other adventurers he became associated with, but he managed to carve out a suitable niche for himself as a tracker and fighter. As he did so he became more and more jaded, but he still retains some of the discipline and honour he was once taught.

Will West

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