Konrad Finnegan

A hard headed dungeoneer with plenty of his fathers money to fund his "education".


A rather average height man of average build as well. His only defining feature is the grizzled look of experience on his young pampered face. He keeps his hair well groomed, and his face well shaved, and you’ll rarely see him without a cocky grin gracing his face. His brown hair is usually greased back, but no matter what he tries, by around mid day, the short bangs are standing and brushing his brow. He wears his sword on him at all times as a symbol of status, as well as the metallic broach of his families crest. The white coat he wears at almost all times was tailored for him when he first left for the mage’s college. He returned with both a red sash of status and a matching scarf, another set of apparel he wears at almost all time. While in cities Fin wears knee high leather boots that are worked with the symbols of his family and a rampaging griffin on the outer calves. When adventuring he straps sectioned plate grieves and boots over them. He also replaces his leather gloves with steel gauntlets that match the boots. His sword is of a unique cut. Instead of the straight-pointed blade, his has a thin guard that proceeds into a long, thin rectangular blade. When on the road, or in the dungeon, he will always have his pack of travelers equipment, and a crossbow on a sling. The crossbows grip is engraved with the same rampaging griffins as on his boots, and the blackened steel pull is etched with elven lettering for “Luck”, “Precision”, “guidance” and “accuracy”.


When he was young, Finnegan would leave the house with money his father gave him for lessons and buy toy swords, then go and explore abandoned mansions, and estates. He has always had a love for exploring. He thought that he was the smartest, and coolest of the noble children. However, they thought he was uncouth and irresponsible. As he grew, he grew to detest the other children. They laughed when he told stories, called him a liar. he decided to get away when he turned eighteen. He had always loved the stories of the great mages. When he came of age, it was not hard to convince his father to send him to elven college of magic. With great hope that Finnegan would be the most successful of his five sons, he gladly continued to fund Finns education. So, that summer Finn left for the college, and both his and his fathers hopes were high. It did not take long for Finn to realize that he was not cut out for wizardry. With their long hours, and short sleep time, Young Finnegan began to question his love for magic. He did not want to study the books, he wanted to be like Gorthar the great, and traverse ancient castles in search of a forgotten spell tome, or like Ragvard the Beast and split the planes of the living and dead to harvest souls of the damned to open an ancient vault. But no, he was stuck in an old library, with a crusty bearded man breathing down his neck while he read. After he mastered a few minor spells, he decided to leave. taking the sash, and the scarf as well as all the trinkets he was given, and return to his home. It was not a sad day for his father, for he had been away for two years, and he had no idea how long it took to master the magic arts. He was pleased with the few spells he had learned, and did not know that Finn had left without a formal graduation. The most recent years of his life, Finn has been earning a name for himself by traversing old mansions, caves, tombs, forts. But Finn has his eyes on a greater prize, the spell book of Gorthar and the armor of Ragvard will be his. Their power combined would be enough to put him into the legends that he has always loved.

Konrad Finnegan

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