Hibi Roxninger

"Solidarity Soldier"


A Scout for the imperial armies “Solidarity Soldiers” expert in infiltration and tracking of enemies of the state. educated in the art of sword, dagger and bow. wears a darkened uniform of the “solidarity soldiers” made of leather with added studs.


Ranged artillery with a bow, and sneak in to gather information


Rocky grew up on the streets as an urchin, not sure where his father was and mother spent lots of time standing on street corners bringing home lots of “uncles” i didn’t know i had, some of the “uncles” obviously didn’t like having me around as i often had beatings so i spent most of my time on the streets begging, borrowing and stealing food and clothing just to survive, think of me more like an artful dodger type living by his wits on the street. eventually when he grew up carrying on with petty thievery he was challenged by warrior priests from the temple and given a choice, remain in a life of crime or do something worthwhile. this ultimatum came with a threat that if i were to follow the life of crime them my future would become very uncomfortable.

Life in the Solidarity Soldiers, some say Rogue others say mercenary, i say independent scout working for the Dronna.

Hibi Roxninger

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