From whence goes Iderath

The death of me yet...


Ah gods. This place is going to be the death of me. I cannot believe I trudged back to this horrible, fascinating underground tomb. Some of the same players, some new ones from the church that are ever so disagreeable. Finn is a nice edition, certainly fine to look at, but, an acquaintance from my past that I’m not eager to get overly involved with. I suppose, if I insist on hanging around with members of the upper crust, I should get used to it. It could happen.

So more tiresome hidden doors, one magical portal (not the one that swallowed Si’can) that transported us to a mirror image of the room we were in, a room full of skeletons chained to the ceiling and their big bad, boss man later we find ourselves in full fledged combat with the really big boss man wearing, wait for it…. the circlet we have come searching for.

Done and dusted we wait and recover before moving forward… I hope it will be forward and out. I really am tired of this. I find it interesting how annoyed and fed up with this place I am. We have found some silver, but not much else to make this profitable. What the temple is paying sure won’t pay the rent… not that I have a home to stay in, or anything like that.

Ugh. If I have to stand face to face with one more blank wall I think I might just swallow that poison hidden in my left boot. Seriously. Who knew “adventuring” could be so tedious? It almost makes me want to go home and deal with my little problem. Almost… Almost.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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