From whence goes Iderath

Letter to...whoever.

Will the Farmboy.

I have already decided that I will not be sending this letter to Yvonne. She would only worry. But I thought I should write it down, just to get it straight in my head.

For the first time since I left Sherstead, I nearly died.

So far we’ve seen off vampiric Crispin, undead-unholy abominations and goblins. But as we explored the ruins of Blue Keep, I was attacked by some creature of slime that quickly wrapped itself around my face, cutting off my air.
Fortunately I had my friends, who cut me free of the creature, but I think it was a close thing. The beast, if it was a beast, must have moved into the ruins in its long abandonment, and indeed we have found more signs of mould and rot in the other buildings.
The Domini also found an unfortunate who was locked in a cell, I assume when the original inhabitants left, consigning him to a long death in the dark. It made me unaccountably sad; the thought that the man (or woman) had lain for who-knows how long with nobody to hear the shouts. I wondered for a moment if Finn realised that could be his fate if he keeps exploring ruins. It must have been an awful death.

I’m not sure what happened to the people who lived here. By all accounts they left, but we found what may have been the result of a suicide in a room apparently occupied by ‘blisters’, and although a lot of furniture had been put away (in the room that the suffocating beast attacked me in) I found a bedroom, still furnished, and under a bed I found a worn short sword with a leather belt, with an ornate buckle. I took them to clean them up; they may be worth something to a person who is interested in military history, or even for the nice design on the buckle. For the same reason I took a suit of leather armour, some kind of military issue I think, and once we have deciphered the Domini’s vision, I will see if someone in Iderath would be interested in them.

My watch draws to a close, so I must stop scribbling. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.


MasterGameMaster DennisSaunders

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