From whence goes Iderath

Less than fun

Domini Kole Bartholomew, Aspirant of the All Father

We set upon returning to the tomb, leaving Will behind to tend to his own affairs. My retinue and I were accompanied by three Honorable hammers a Father and, an old acquaintance of mine, Domini Konrad Finnegan. now this Father and I have never really gotten along sadly, which as expected lead to a less than enjoyable journey… on the way there he was rather condescending and irritatingly repetitive. Though thankfully as we approached the tomb, and even more so into the tomb, he began to become less and less verbally hostile towards me.

We entered the tomb and thankfully, nothing had reset, though we were still in the same predicament. Where do we go next? Indigo and I came up with ideas and finally decided to give the walls another look over, and to our surprise and relief there was in fact another seam Rocky quickly figured out how to open the doors that followed, and eventually we came across a room with “living” skeletons who were chained to the ceiling inside of it. I and my companions quickly defeated the skeletons and a “master” who appeared from the other side of the room crying out “Leave this place!”.

Next we encountered a room with a metal box in the middle. My first impulse told me that the circlet was there, though upon looking it was revealed that inside were embalming tools. While I looked around I must have lost myself because the next thing I know Finnegan touches a pyramid and disappears. I thought he was to share the same fate as Sican, though I thought that he was less likely to return… I sent a Defender into the pyramid to retrieve him, but just like with Sican it didn’t return, I did something stupid and placed my hand onto the pyramid, as I did I seemed to travel into a room almost the exact same as the one I was in previously but, unfinished… I saw Finnegan and was greatly relieved. I scolded him and then called everyone into the room.

Much later after taking several breaks, and crossing a boiling pit of water, me and my companions broke into a room with 6 undead within. A circlet was on the head of the lead undead, That must be the Circlet of Shimarn! I thought. We slowly waded through the room of undead, as we downed them they would rise again. Despite this, Finnegan grabbed the Circlet, and I cleaved the lead undead in half and ordered the hammers to smash the skulls of the remaining undead. We opened the door and were graced by the light of the moon. A sigh of relief came from all of us at that point I think. Now with the Circlet, we shall return to the Temple of Blood unscathed and victorious!


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