From whence goes Iderath

Dear Yvonne

A letter from the riverside. (Will)

Dear Yvonne.

I am missing the fire of the Black Sow, and the meals you used to cook so well, as I sit by a camp fire eating what I can only guess is some sort of boot leather. But I am kept warm tonight by the knowledge that I am starting out on my life of service to the gods.
That knowledge, and the fire.
It probably isn’t the boot leather.

Barely a few weeks in the city and I am squired to a holy knight, and dispatched on a quest of great importance to the the Temple. I have met companions unlike any friends the village could offer me, noble citizens only too pleased to aid the Gods, although one does put on a show about payment. If the Domini chose him, he must have been chosen by the All Father.

And tonight I struck my first blow against the hordes of evil! A band of curious, vampiric frogmen called Crispin attacked us from the river!
I say curious because I was curious about them. I don’t think they were that curious about us. I didn’t get a chance to ask. I’ll have to ask my new friends.
Domini Kole blazed with power, and flame, while the blade of the scholar (I still don’t know her name, and I’m afraid to ask. She scares me a little) saved my life against one of the beasts. I didn’t see Rocky anywhere, but later he dragged in a body peppered with arrows, so it proves to me the deadliness of the Riders; not even the shroud of darkness could stop his arrows punching home!
And what can I tell you about the alchemical power of the little creature Tooreen (I think thats his name, his voice is a little muffled.) No herbs I ever picked for the Black Sow’s kitchen ever exploded! I’m rather ashamed to say that when it comes to the powers of my companions, merely cracking the skull of one of the Crispin with my staff seems a little pathetic. But ‘from small beginings’…as the old saying goes.
If this display of holy power and sword-skill is an indication of the future to come, I don’t think our God-given quest is in any real danger!

Oh, I hope you are well. I will return to the village when I can, hopefully with more stories!
The All Father watch over you,


MasterGameMaster DennisSaunders

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