From whence goes Iderath

Best of a bad situation?


I want to go home. Really home. Home to Grandfather and his condescending manner, home to my mother and her slippery, soothing platitudes, home to my own bed, good food, and the quiet depth of the library chairs.

But. I can’t go home. I’ve been told not to return until I have taken care of the problem I created. Dead to them all am I until I can make right the “mistake”… a mistake I don’t want to put right because I don’t believe I was in error. I still don’t. No matter how many times I replay the situation I cannot think of another outcome that would have felt as right as the one I have already chosen.

Can’t go home, don’t want to be traipsing around behind the Hammer yet again. Don’t want to hear horrific drivel out of the mouth of a drunken mad man… don’t want to think about it… am pretty damned sure I’m glad I stopped him from going on. The others were happy to let him spout doom and gloom and predictions of darkness about them, but me… I know better. I know that said is as good as done, and I won’t have it.

Upside? Will is back with us, and doesn’t seem to be so caught in the clutches of the church. We’ve added a new member of the group who is actually skilled at delving old ruins, and we are heading back out to investigate the Blue Keep we passed in our earlier travels.

I’m still not sure why. Still not sure I want to know why. Still not sure I care. At least I’m not in Iderath hiding in dives where you can’t get a good fortified wine, not staying in a different room each night, not covering my hair and changing the way I wear my clothes every time I take a turn around a corner…. so… making the best of a bad situation…

Perhaps there will be more interesting traps to investigate…


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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